Refugee Projects

Community Sponsorship Scheme

The Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth is the lead sponsor for two refugee groups working with the Home Office within their Community Sponsorship Scheme to resettle families fleeing conflict

The scheme supports local groups of people welcome and help settle a family into the UK. Support includes finding housing, schools, helping to access medical services, employment, English lessons as well as just navigating their way around day to day life in the UK. The groups are supported by RESET and you can hear more about the scheme by watching Amina from RESET at our recent Welcome the Stranger webinar.

We are delighted that both families are doing well, and adjusting to their new life in the UK.

picture of a blue suitcase with some rope around it
A view of people listening to a presentation

New Arrivals Project

For those who have arrived in the UK and are wanting to get to understand and participate in life in the UK we have developed a New Arrivals Project that allows people to learn about our culture and traditions. From cooking and sampling traditional food, gardening, employment guidance, advice on available support  and learning about our electoral system, the project enables volunteers to share their knowledge and skills and provide opportunities for conversation practice in a friendly and supportive environment.

Welcome the Stranger Webinar

As part of Refugee week in 2023 we held a ‘Welcome the Stranger’ webinar, inviting speakers from Reset and SJOG Homes of Ukraine to help identify ways in which we can help welcome people through the Community Sponsorship and Homes for Ukraine schemes. Recordings of both speakers can be found by clicking on the links below.

Amina from Reset

Zhenya from SJOG

For more information on refugee projects contact us at [email protected]