Tree planting

Tree planting on the diocesan estate, as well as encouraging our parishioners to join in in their communities, is an important part of Portsmouth Diocese environmental strategy.  

Trees play an important role in both sequestering carbon and helping to provide resilience to climate change impacts; for example cooling, shading and flood alleviation. They also have proven benefits in tackling poor air quality by filtering out small particulates.

The Caritas team is  working with diocesan schools and parishes to identify locations where native hedgerows can be planted. Our projects will help groups source free or low cost supplies, provide information and guidance on selection of suitable species, on planting techniques and after care and maintenance. The young people and their parents and carers will be able to participate in a larger project but one that has local benefits.  And be able to learn about the role of native trees as habitat providers for many other species.

This work enables Portsmouth Diocese to join with with the local authority’s tree planting strategy, to create additional community forests as part of their  response to the climate emergency. At the same time these projects will promote a life long interest in and empathy for the natural world among our young people.

Biodiversity projects

Our tree planting projects and other environmental projects will also provide significant social justice benefits.

InSight and Families Together projects are using environmental elements to assist in mental heath gains.

Projects currently in the planning phase include young person care leavers volunteering within environmental projects to hep develop community bonding, empathy and self esteem gains. 

Caritas will also work with relevant diocesan departments to develop an internal carbon off setting mechanism where parishes without suitable land can still play their part in both tree planting initiatives and other biodiversity and climate action work.

To find out more about our tree planting and other environmental projects please get in touch:

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