Alternative transport

Caritas has a role in considering transport policy in the diocese and its effect on our communities.

Influencing the diocese as an institution and encouraging parishioners to think about transport choices is a key work area for Caritas as part of our environmental role. 

Access to transport is also part of our social justice work. Transport poverty is a significant factor in failure to gain access to education, to welfare services, to further training and to employment. 

Portsmouth Diocese covers a wide geographic area and includes urban, suburban and rural parishes. These different settings produce very different challenges as far as transport is concerned.

Many parishes and schools have implemented their own transport schemes to assist their members.

Caritas role is to assess resources on a diocesan wide basis, and inform and persuade for changes to lower carbon solutions.

Alternative transport
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portsmouth cyclemap

Cycling to work in Portsmouth… leading by example

Portsmouth is the focus of a pilot scheme to introduce additional cycle provision into the diocese city centre setting, encouraging staff, guests and visitors to think about alternatives to the  car for short city centre journeys.

We are working with Portsmouth Borough Council to encourage alternative to car solutions for short journeys to aid Portsmouth City Council’s work towards improved air quality in Portsmouth city centre.

To find out more about our alternative transport work please email us at:

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