Future Projects

Caritas projects are always changing… because the needs that we address through our work…these needs may change over time… and sometimes over geographic location.  

Sometimes the changes are small or organic and the project can be adapted and can continue to deliver benefit to our guests.

Sometimes the project need will have changed so much, or diminished greatly, that the project will come to an end.

Caritas has exit strategies for all our projects, to make sure that our guests and our volunteers and our funders are looked after during a period of change.

We also work on developing new projects.

These will address needs that we can see are developing, or to cover gaps in service provision that we can see are going to happen.

Our model is to develop and trial pilot projects, to monitor and evaluate the project deliverables and the impacts. 

When we feel that the project is sound, is deliverable and fundable, then we roll it out wider in the diocese to interested parishes in locations where need and service gaps have been assessed. 

Future projects
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Community kitchens
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Future projects that are in the planning and pilot stages:

Community kitchens joint project with Fratton Community Centre

Habitat joint projects with schools and Mens’ Sheds

Care leavers environment warriors joint project with Hampton Trust and Southampton City Council

Cycle support for short journeys

Provision of recyclable food containers for all Caritas projects

Future projects that are in the outline stage include:

Diocesan woodland legacy and conference centre

Conserving water resources

Supported employment workshop spaces and transferring skills

Pool e-cars for longer journeys