Caritas Champions

Volunteers are the diocese’s hidden treasure.

There are thousands of individuals undertaking all sorts of roles throughout the diocese, in parishes, in schools, in various teams. 

Within Caritas, these special people are known as Champions.

We have a safe recruitment process, and induction, training and support for all who undertake volunteering roles for our projects. All designed to keep our guests and our volunteers safe.

And the roles, usually embedded in parishes, are very wide in nature: from working with other parishioners or youngsters on tree planting or creating wildflower meadows within one of our environmental projects… to helping to welcome guests to join in with one of our InSight projects… to helping with our social media communications or even being one of our photographers…

The choice is wide, and your time commitment is for you to decide.

Come and join the Caritas team and become a Caritas Champion.

Get in touch by emailing:

[email protected]

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